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Winter sledding 2017-2018

Since moving to Maryland, we were hoping for some snow this winter. We may have had to drive up to Pennsylvania for enough to go sledding, but we found it! We found out we need around 4-6 inches of snow to be able to sled, depending on the type of snow. If its deep and fluffy that is difficult for the dogs to break trail in, but good strength training. If the snow is a few inches deep and packed that was ideal for us, the dogs could go fast and run!

We also got one good snow storm at out house, and since the roads were so bad we couldn't go out, we took a sledding trip around our neighborhood. And even got an honorable mention on the neighborhood Facebook page!


We've been bikejoring with Kiba, Tikaani and Mishka for a couple winters now. We're not pros, but we do have fun! Lyric and Forte joined us for runs this winter and everyone gets plenty of exercise when the weather is cool enough. Bikejoring is a teamwork activity and the dogs love it. These are pictures from two years ago up until the winter of 2018.

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